Hiking in Moorea

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3 coconuts

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Magic Mountain


A nice hike with fine views, but there is a 4wd track 4/5 of the way up the peak. The peak is more of a hill than a mountain when compared to the rest of the peaks of Moorea, but is a nice hike. This would be the “tourist peak” of the island. By far, the vast majority of the people coming up here are tourist on a 4wd tour. From the summit, there are some nice views of the peaks, and especially of Rotui. If taking a 4wd, it is only a 10 minute walk or so. The 4wd road can also be walked, if you don’t want to come up here on a tour. The 4wd track starts from near the village of Papetoai

Ancestor’s Footpath


Pierced Mountain

Details / Location

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Dominique Leoture

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Tahiti Evasion


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