Hiking in Tahiti

The Hikes

The Maroto Valley

On the East Coast of Tahiti, right before the famous surf spot Papenoo’s rivermouth, turn right and head straight into the island to discover the Maroto Valley. Holding endless natural trails and with views of the surrounding mountains, you’ll get to feel the Mana (energy) and connect to it. From chasing waterfalls to eating or sleeping at Le Relais de La Maroto (km 17, 1h drive) there is something to do for everyone, click here for their facebook. The adventure awaits you…

Make sure you bring mosquito repellant and stay aware of weather conditions (if it’s flooded, forget it). There is no signal in the valley.

The Belvedere hike

Starting in Arue,  this spot offers you some 1h hike surrounded by nothing but trees and the quietness of the mountain. Not an easy run if you are willing to take part of the different workout spot you will encounter on your way to the top. But a well deserved treat awaits you at the end; indeed the O’Belvedere Restaurant will offer you some traditional french mountains delights, a refreshing drink or just the opportunity to unwind in their swimming pool. ( And should you be having a cheeky cheat day, they’ve still got you covered as you can drive your way up to the restaurant ! )

Mont Aorai

Only for the most adventurous, probably one of the best hike you will find on the island. This trek of the 3rd biggest mountain of Tahiti starts right after the O’Belvedere. Just past the restaurant, you will find a path that leads to the Army training center. Right after that, you can start the hike of the Mont Aorai.

It can be done over 2 days as there is a shelter  half-way up. If you plan on doing it in a day, it is recommended to start well early as you can count around 4h to the top and some 3h to come back down. The mountain has some nice rainforest and is really wild and scenic, despite the fact that it rises behind the largest city in all of French Polynesia. Although the mountain isn’t climbed very often, but since the trail begins at the French Army training center, it is kept well-maintained and in good condition.


Mont Marau


Te Pari

Unique, preserved, untouched, wonderful. One of the must do activities: the discovery of what hides after the end of the road. From caves, waterfalls, cliffs and hikes to fishing, snorkeling and whale watching (June to October). Check out more with our providers.

Lava Tubes

The Lava Tubes Excursions will bring you to the inside of the Island of Tahiti. Cavities were dug thousand years ago when the lava coming out of the Mountain of Tahiti Nui, it made its way inside the mountain, creating corridors. Without any sun light, and with a guide, you will be able to discover and make your way inside the caves of the lava tubes. Get ready to get wet and cold, but in the end, the reward is worth any effort.

You will need a guide for this one as specific recommandations are needed. Look below for the list of our providers.

Fautaua Valley

Plant paradise in Papeete. Tahiti is not a bathing or beach paradise.  Apart from the international airport it is mainly the inland with its craggy mountain peaks and tropical vegetation which is a paradise for every hiker. There are several day trips near Papeete through jungle-like forests with waterfalls and to the over 2.000 m high volcanic mountains. The Fautaua valley also provides the drinking water for the capital. Initially the hike leads on flat terrain to the bridge but continues steep and slippery up to the Cascade.


 The Providers

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Tahiti Surfari

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