Surfing in Tahiti

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer there is always that perfect wave waiting for you here in Tahiti. With a majority of reef breaks spreading around the island not all of them are as daunting as the mighty Teahupoo. Indeed some surf spots offer deep and playful waters (Sapinus), others rather shallow and risky (Taapuna). In addition you’ll find beach breaks in the north (Papenoo and the famous rivermouth) and in the south-west Papara (Taharuu).

As a reminder Tahiti has a very friendly atmosphere in the water and it is very common to say hi to each other when arriving at a spot. Please respect the locals as well as nature in general and you’ll get signs of appreciation and probably some waves!


Tura’i Mataare Surf School


Tel:  +689 87 77 27 69

Aloha Surf School


Tel:  +689 89 33 82 09

Tama He’e Surf School


Tel:  +689 87 79 06 91

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